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Hello bloggers!
My web comic Angels' Power, started at the beginning of the year, has its own website here:
You can read the firste pages of the comic, learn about the protagonists and the world they live in, peopled by over 100 different characters. Lots of art as well.

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Some things painted and animated using Photoshop CS3.
From 2011:

The 2012 one:


vector stuff

I entertained myself with Illustrator CS3. Nothing special in mind, just exploration. Both images are originally drawn fast on paper. Then, blrargh.

Along with another Hands & Guns study from photograph. (I don't know who the original photographer is)
Done in PS.


Mythological horses continued

Some progress on my horses.
I have completed the Cheval Bayart, the Unicorn and Sleipnir. Although, the last I am not satisfied with and I will be remaking it next week. The two others have been donated to charity and I forgot to take a picture of the Unicorn. (I hope to take a pic the day they will be auctioned)
I have also completed the last of the series, which I'm happy with.

Here is the Cheval Bayart, will be auctioned this coming Sunday.

The Sleipnir, which I'm showing only the head, the only part that I liked in the piece. I will be redrawing it in a different way.

The F. Horse as the last of the mythological series. I let you figure out which famous horse this is.




I should make more hands & guns studies instead of this. More characters. I will never be done portraying all my characters, even less since I get new ones every week. Never ending story. Why? Why?
I'm writing this story in french: Hock.
My brother is gonna complain about me drawing women-looking men and men-looking women. No, no manly women in this one. Hopefully two pretty chicks for later. Hopefully.


Mythological horses

A series of mythological horses that I'm painting with gouache on a nice watercolor paper. My project for painting class this semester at St Mary's.
I started the third one today and have many more ideas.

Apollo's mares


Some details:

And my work space with cheval Bayart just started this afternoon. ^^ Very relaxing. I always enjoy painting or drawing horses.


Hell hounds

Found a good thumb for maybe a polished version of the Nocturne. It's a horse-like smoke device creature.

Here polished version of the Diabolic hound, scout creature with multiple eyes.
It smokes too, but in lesser quantity. There are probably a couple Nocturnes behind which smokered the area.



I enjoyed that movie.
I thought I'd draw a Gemma in a style close to the movie's, but I can't bring myself to make anime style lines. So I made something of my own, just flat colors, no lines, and pen tooled hair, sort of fake anime style.
Then I made some eye candy.
So very different than what I usually show, I don't usually show my small candies. I made this one a big candy just to show you.