Face resurch. For a character of mine. He changed a lot. If you remember my painting named Baâl that I never finished. The froggy girl with the knives at the place of the feet? Well. That's him. It's supposed to be the same person.
Well I was not sure of it's appearance when I first painted it, what I'm sure about it is it's insane nature.
This time I wanted it all in white and something. So I made him albinos 'cause most of the time he lived inside a war machine body with no light on him. He is a machine body too like this, he just got some human skin. This body is kind of adaptative and evolving machine I supposed he was not albinos at first but he turned into when the time passed inside his armor body.
He has no gender.

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Ben Ellebracht said...

You did a good job of keeping "him" gender neutral.