Dreaming the End

My Secret Agent challenge entry on CGSociety.

This scene happens virtually a couple of weeks before the agent woman actually kills this guy.
In fact she's not the one who will shoot. It's just a dream, that would have been too pretty. Also she's not a killer. She's an agent. She only planed his assassination.

In the way of her mission she taught this bad guy something he never lived before, or lived too far away. When he started to think she was a dangereous ennemy, he has already accepted his defeat. He won't do anything to stop her and let her bring his own death.
It is during this dream that he faces all his thoughts and when he decides to accept his fate.
The end was nicer in the dream than in real, for sure.

Results of the challenge: I won Best Concept Art Award for this piece. Wow!

Official article is here: CGSociety - SECRET AGENT - XXIV Challenge - The Winners

I really liked all the winners entry for that challenge wish makes me even more happy: "Rabbit Menace" from Gonzalo Perreiro, "Unsafe Path" from Morgan Yon, "The assassination of John F. Kennedy" by Michal Lisowski were the most inspiring works.

My favorite entries didn't get awarded, though they were honorary mentioned, I've been really impressed by Chase Stone's "Standoff" and Randis's "On The Run".

I can't wait for the CGChallenge XXV. : D


fazrul said...

are you a comic artist?i love ur works!:)

Smirtouille said...

Thanks Fazrul!
No I don't do comics.