Printed Portfolio

This is the fourth version of my printed portfolio. I'm happy with it and with the printing quality, this is good and quite solid paper with a ring. Printed one face only, it containts 17 artworks pages, a cover page and a CV page.
But I made it the way I'll be able to update it without re-printing the whole thing (because it seems that I'm terrifically too productive), I already have to upadte the CV page and add one more artwork page so...
But it's cool.

Original size is 11x11 inches (28cm, square) but you have here the sample version the printer made for me that I made still as a mini-version. (7,5cm)

: )



wow it looks great,,, Très Bien

Smirtouille said...

Merci : )

fazrul arhan said...

This is a great work!I really love your affort to make all this into reality..keep up a good work Smirt!