Portrait painting recording

Damned, I've been doing A LOT of stuff recently. Half of it I can't show because they are Tryaade artworks. Others because it is only crap, miniature design stuff, random abstract banners. Rest of it are some portraits or chara design of fiction characters of the several stories I'm building at the moment.
Also I've been writing quite a lot for these stories. Beside all that, I've had another final paper to due and some homework.

Well, there is a new WIP I started tonight. It is also a known character of mine, he's called Sough. He comes from a story I started writing a year ago, it is written in french but I guess you can read it. It is on a french speaking forum I like. The sotry is called The Winter Town Chronicle. If you speak french and you like reading, feel free to have a look.

What is cool is I recorded this. I had done a couple of pencil portraits on paper right before and I felt like painting one of them, but I rarely scan, I just do it again from scratch in Photoshop, just in case I change my mind on the look.
When I don't like a portrait I usually enlarge the canvas and start making the rest of the body, until I get the entire body. I had to resize the thing a couple of times otherwise it would be too big. It is actually 4500x8500px large, which is ok.

At this point I have to make myself a reference board. So I'll come back with that and maybe I'll record the next steps. I'm gonna have a lot of work on this. I hope you're enjoying so far. I do.

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