Winter Soldier & Winter Knight

Then you've got the "detailing" part of the process too. Lucky people. I've never recorded that kind of stuff before. I hope it is helpfull in some way, or amusing to look at.
If you need any more explanation about it you may just ask.

You're not seeing the final version in the movie though, I stopped after a while and decided to make some major modifications to the painting after, like adding a decorative background and to radically change the face. Now he looks more like Sough.
He pertains to the same world as the previous Winter Soldier painting in the same style and full body view.
So here they are, side by side.


Doug said...

I've worked in post-production motionography and design for a very long time. I have to say your work is very, very good. You could easily step into a career with your current skills.

Keep up the good work and push hard to get ahead.

I highly recommend interning within a company that you would like to work. This will give you the business sense and networking you'll need to carve out your place in the art world.


Smirtouille said...

Thanks Doug, I appreciate your comment. I'm actually looking for an internship, though I don't really know what I should be looking for or avoid.