Born of characters

I've been doing commissions and characters either for Tyraade or for myself and friends. I termined the full body portrait of my friend's character Cassiopée (right of the group image). I always like very much to paint that character 'cause she has a dress made of stars, which is kind of interesting to represent.
Three left characters are mine, two top left are the same one with the adult most rescent version and the child ressurected version. Center is my usual character (which had a little portrait done in the previous message below).

I've been also doing the full body portrait of another friend's character within the same story, called Grendelor. The owner of the character haven't seen it yet but I like how it turned out. If she wants me to make some update, I'll upload a second version, though she didn't give much precisions.
I'm liking to paint role play characters these days, it's getting easier and easier for me and each time I have to explore something (like a kind face or big boobs and hips,...)

Those characters are role playing on Ter Aelis fictional ground. Ter Aelis


Manuel Dupong said...

Comme toujours, très bon travail! Je me demande si tu a utilisée un calque avec une texture où une brosse speciale pour la robe de la fille à droite, car elle porte une texture sublime.

Smirtouille said...

J'ai fabriqué la texture à l'aide de brush divers sur un autre dessin que j'avais fait d'elle. Comme j'ai voulu la changer de position j'ai ré appliqué la texture avec le tampon.