Things coming

I've been working lately on exploring the 3D tools, Maya and Zbrush and animation. I've got a very cool but slow class on maya and low poly animation and I'm learning Zbrush on the side. I've been thinking about doing a comic on these characters and a recent meeting with the ILM crue decided me to work on that direction. Because if I'd do a comic I would want an almost reallistic look to it (most as I can) but I don't want to spend my whole life on it so I thought I'll make 3D models of the characters and landscapes to help me do it.

So here it is, I just finished my first character sheet. Baâl is my main character, I'll probably do Bill as well. Baâl is a cyborg with a biologic brain and Bill is a totally pure fake human machine, he's a robot. He's made to simulate the human being and fake it but he's not a human being. They're engaging a surprise fight on the top painting right there.

He's sometimes the pilote of this awesome giant machine, which I just figured I will have to model in 3D aswell... Gonna be interesting.


WE ARE 夢 想 家 said...

This is amazing!

I always have a sweet-spot for streamlined bio-mechanical suits, androids, and cyborgs :)

brian tsang said...

Hey Smirty! I found you! hehe

Maya and Zbrush are very cool tools, both need a lot of hours to learn.

Nice stuff as usual!

O, and your Glory is 90% done! :D

Smirtouille said...

> omg me too. You forgot "black" suits.

> Yes, it takes time. : ) I love to learn it though.
I added your blog to my list. The sculpting is very cool, are you gonna paint it when it's done? And, maybe put a glace on it or something?

brian tsang said...

I definitely want to paint this, but I have to make a mold and cast it so I can paint it. You can't paint on chavant clay because it never hardens. I also have something in mind, I will email you the details soon.