I haven't done much update for a while. There have been a few new paintings but I don't feel like put them in. Maybe later. They're on my other websites though, DA and Ter Aelis.

As I started Maya and might have to learn how to paint environment very quick I'm willing to make my next work a "real" composition. Ya. With background and accessories. I'm sick of my characters+white background, I did this too much these days. So I'm gonna work on something more difficult and more complete this time.
For the occasion I remembered how usefull it is to sketch with hard brush, that's good thing. I hope I'm gonna be less lazy this week.
So here is a potentially next compo.

Tell me what is in this glass jar on the left. Someone proposed an alien (you know, the hand thing that sucks your face and put a baby alien inside your body)I think it's a good idea. But there could be something else.


Manuel Dupong said...

Ca à l'air prometteur! Tu pourrai mettre un liquide fluo dans la jarre, histoire de voir comment la lumiere affecte le reste.

Csmif said...

Hmm I feel the exact same way =\