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It's been a while. I got to show you some of the stuff I've been working on, but first, wanted to say I've been admitted to St Mary's College and will enter in Fall 2011. Makes me pretty happy. 2011 is starting nice for me! I hope it does for you.

I also have three artworks selected for the Artbook CFSL n°5. Which is cool. Not the works I expected to be picked, but whatever. I guess they have their specific style they want to keep through the book, and most my recent works don't fit this style.

I updated my online portfolio again, I will probably update my print shop soon because I have made some traditional printmaking art that I will be selling. I have to make nice scanning for all these.
I also have an oil painting that is finished, that I will try to sell. Though I'm not sure about shipping this, it's quite a large one. Maybe I try to sell it in a show around here so I don't have to go through a crazy expensive shipping.

He looks so cute. This is my little vampire printing experimentation. I had drawn him in Printmaking class (coincidental) with ink on paper, and had to glue three sheets of paper to complete his body, and once folded it stood up on my desk very nicely, and I thought "hey, that looks like a cool flat sculpture". xD. So I scanned it, painted it from front and back and made it print as an experimentation. Although my printer couldn't make it both sides, so he just printed on two different sheets and had someone else to glue them on top of each other.
I had then to use my copper plate burnisher to fold the paper. xD And it didn't like it. (That's why the paper is torn on the back view... Poor, he looks so sorry)
Anyway. Seeing it in my hands made me want to correct the painting, and you can see the final work right there!

My friend Ben (Alias FightingFailure) is making a toy of his creature design Brimly. I love this little thing and I wish it get selected to be sculpted as a figurine. But people have to vote him up so this can happen: PatchTogether Brimly!

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Nessa said...

B'awwwww. He's too cute!<3