So I finally finish this everlasting work in progress painting. It's about two of my oldest characters in one of my favorite places of my head.
I spent way too much time and effort on this, trying to get the composition right. It was first vertical, focused only on the characters, it was boring and flat. I broke it down, moved the horse around to place the elements in perspective, create a gigantic horizontal composition... And broke it down, too. Made a square. I always go to squares... Added another horse and details for depth, and well, after three months of work and hard thinking, it's there. And it's been rejected from the CGSociety galleries because it "didn't met the standard of quality", was not considered a complete piece and was bad enough to pay a visit to the WIP section.
Oh well. I guess I'm not hanging over CGSociety anymore.

I'm not happy of anything right now, but considering this scale of unhappiness, I'm not unsatisfied by this work. I think it works. It's descent. It's not too boring. The characters are who they are, and I'd probably be the person taking the picture at this moment when I distracted the conversation they where having on serious business.

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KEVO! said...

This is beautiful... I like it - I love your paintings - Like I said on your DevientArt page - I would like to understand how you do it... Its better than coloring to me - its more life...