I've been reading (no, not Kenshin) a most excellent japanese comic these days. It's the Vagabond series by Takehiko Inoue. I'm not even done with the whole series but it's already blown my mind.
Kenshin is an entertaining series but it's not something we can compare. Although I was interested into depicting the Kenshin characters into a style closer to Inoue's, or something very close to reality, and got myself into the exercice.
In greys I have my interpretation of Aoshi Shinomori (left) and Hajime Saito (right) based on Nobuhiro Watsuki's interpretation. They are so far my favorite characters from that particular series, and I was interested by the description of the actual person who has been Hajime Saito too. (I only read over Wikipedia though, I don't know much)

I tried my new brushes and a different approach to work on Kenshin, more of a relaxed technique, no tedious detail work on this.


jim said...

have you ever read blade of the immortal?That's a good one too.It's very dark and bloody just how you like it.

ll said...

U like Janpanese cartoon. highly recommend u the Studio Ghibli's work. The Crimson Pig is one of his best!

jim said...

I have seen it and think it's pretty good :)