Portrait sketches

Quick character portraits. Click on the preview to see them all.
Their names:

Proteus, Astor, Heytor
Lucifer, Belzébuth, Seychal
Fhiderer, Satan, Anferrar
Radamanthe, Salop, Stuissens
Seckmeth, Sanne, Véhémond
Léviathan, Ronwe
Joanne, Sancton, Baël
Répliqua, Syphon, Astara
Maximilien, Helleidon
Zakkath, Glive, Zakkaria
Mourrons, Cerellus, Poigne
Anarazel, Druzil, Balan
Hannibal, Anarazel-Kattara, Tanamo

Here is a picture of very old drawings of them, this is a least from 2005, lol! It's ink and markers on paper. Anarazel, Hannibal and Heytor.


Vladimir Jean said...
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Vladimir Jean said...

I've always really loved your character designs, they seem to have a lot personality and stories behind.

Are you working on any sort of story for them, just curious?

Smirtouille said...

There is a story involving some of them. The others have their personality and genealogy but are never met.

Anonymous said...

ptin s'te trip...
désolé hein je comment tes notes, juste pour dire que je trouve ça toujours aussi fort...^^