Seems like some update is needed on this blog despite the art.
First of all, I was admitted at Saint Mary's College of California for Fall 2011 with a nice scholarship. I hope these two years will be an enriching experience.http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif
Although the main event of this summer was this 5 units Human Anatomy class I took, by far the most hardcore class I ever experienced. I spent the summer surrounded with nurses and organs, the course was extremely intense and, since I'm very interested in anatomy I found it fascinating. It was hardcore, it was hilarious, and we dissected human cadavers. And I succeeded, which relieves me much.

There was some more publications of my art in different art books recently, my art piece was selected in the New Era book from SlashTHREE, available for sale herhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gife: New Era
I have also three works published in the Artbook CFSL.net 05.
And my Dragon Cat painting was included in DragonWorld, "120 dragons with advice and inspiration from 38 international artists".

I don't like to write news like this, I always forget about it.

Anyway, the Vampire XIII from the vampire series, drawing dicks in the sand while waiting for a job interview. Hopefully into a book with the others, someday.


Anonymous said...

cool d'avoir des news! si j'ai bien compris tu as disséqué des humains cet été! tout va bien pour toi alors!:D
bonne continuation, et réussite pour la suite la smirt^^

jim said...

good luck at the new school and job interview my friend.I'm rooting for you.

Smirtouille said...

Jim: lol, I'm not waiting for a job interview! I was describing the character in my last picture.

Yve: Oui, c'était fun. Merci!