My last vacation was spent in Seattle, at West Coast PAX, something I attended for the first time. It was glorious! Seattle is an amazing city, Seattle people rock and PAX was pure epicness.
When I arrived at the convention center with my brother, we swam through a flow of nerdy nerds with red badges, a horde of sexy cosplay chicks and a Guild Wars 2 truck playing the game epic music.

We visited the exhibition, didn't play that many games but attended glorious lectures, met the Arenanet live team, eating cookies of purity and simply being awesome. Since I'm a big Guild Wars fan, this was a really enjoyable time.

(For those who play GW too, my pseudo in-game is R O D I A.)

Then we went off to more lectures, including "Submitting for Success: Tips to Develop a Freelance Illustration Career", with D&D, Wizard of the coast art directors, which started elegantly with a full-screen Youtube video of the techno-viking.

Followed up by epic sax guy, which they stopped after five minutes. Geeks all have the same culture...
The actual lecture was very enlightening, they all were, and always super funny. I'm glad they did this, because from now on each time I'll see or hear an epic sax guy reference, my head'll fill with all the memories of 2011PAX, which are only great.

Saturday started with a depressing line in front of the Guild Wars 2 booth, fifty seconds after the opening of the exhibition, which dissuaded us to pursue our quest of getting a T-shirt, but we lined an almost hidden Ncsoft booth where we played the GW2 demo, which is awesome. This game is gonna be something. I think this time I'll take my time, I'll read all the dialogues and look at all the details they have put into it. I don't want to to finish when it'll come out, I want to enjoy every single pixel and bit of story.
I also liked their promotional art, btw, it was kinda unique in the middle of the others.

On Sunday just before we left for the airport was Arenanet Portfolio review where three concept artists were present, including Kekai Kotaki, whom I briefly met to show my work. We shook hands, didn't talk much, he started looking at my stuff intensely until he spoke: "any question?". Scribbled something on paper really fast to illustrate his answer to my questions and I found him very straightforward, which I appreciate. No extra talking. Ended with his hand open waiting for my business card, impatient almost like an order, which I found totally hilarious.
Most memorable moment for me.

Left with a Kotaki-signed GW2 artbook, no better ending, I find. I just wish I met more players! Maybe next year. : )

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I wish I could have gone.