Mythological horses continued

Some progress on my horses.
I have completed the Cheval Bayart, the Unicorn and Sleipnir. Although, the last I am not satisfied with and I will be remaking it next week. The two others have been donated to charity and I forgot to take a picture of the Unicorn. (I hope to take a pic the day they will be auctioned)
I have also completed the last of the series, which I'm happy with.

Here is the Cheval Bayart, will be auctioned this coming Sunday.

The Sleipnir, which I'm showing only the head, the only part that I liked in the piece. I will be redrawing it in a different way.

The F. Horse as the last of the mythological series. I let you figure out which famous horse this is.


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jim said...

You're to hard on yourself.that panting looks cook.what where the charities that you donated them too.